2012 South African Safari

eland gemsbok2 impala kudu zebra

You don't have to be a nimble stalker or capable of out-marching an Army Ranger to be successful on a safari. My five trophies were taken by methods that accommodate a hunter with my physical limitations. The eland, kudu and impala were taken from blinds, while the gemsbok and zebra were taken from a safari platform atop a truck after considerable effort tracking.

Keys to my hunt:

  1. Patience is key. Patience from the hunter, PH and outfitter. Things don't always go smoothly and according to plans, but patience gives success a chance.
  2. Be honest about your limitations with your outfitter and PH.
  3. Travel with a friend. They can help you navigate airports
  4. Be ready to do what you can. It's hard enough for a physically challenged person to get in position for a shot. Make sure that you can make the shot when you're there.
  5. Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. It's your hunt. If climbing into that tower blind seems dangerous, ask for an alternative.