Hunting with Physical Limitations

Many of us are in less than spectacular physical condition. Hip and knee replacements, bad backs, accidents, disease and just plain growing old make it difficult to get around, much less hunt, like the able-bodied. Unfortunately, because of this, too many of us throw in the towel and turn our backs on a sport we love so dearly. To do this only reinforces the "I can't" attitude that drives down our self-esteem and truly disables us.

For me, hunting is a metaphor for life. The most prized trophies are the most difficult to bag, just as life's greatest rewards require sacrifice and extraordinary effort. Hunting also requires resourcefulness. You have to take inventory of your skills and assets, and then leverage those in your hunt. Same thing with life. To succeed, you must realize what keys you hold and then maximize the opportunities that emerge from those keys.

Yes, I would like to plow through the thickets and experience the thrill of a pheasant flushing from under my feet, but instead of lamenting the fact that this isn't really practical, I'll enjoy standing at the end of the field, keeping the birds from flushing early and maybe getting a passing shot.

With this attitude, I've been able to conquer my less than ideal physical status to take trophy bear, deer, antelope and turkeys, in addition to several types of game birds and varmints. I even was successful on a recent South African safari.

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